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Sunshine College of Management is committed to providing and maintaining training services that reflect equal opportunity. Our aim is to provide all students the opportunity to participate in a learning environment to reach their potential, make choices and receive responsive and appropriate services free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and vilification.

Enrolment into our courses

A student's enrolment into a course consists of a selection of units of competency which defines a qualification, the amount of study required and associated fees and charges.

Intending overseas students wishing to enrol at Sunshine College of Management can do so by completing the Enrolment Application form. All applications are required to be accompanied by certified copies of supporting documents that meet the course entry requirements and any academic qualifications and results. Alternatively, students may provide the original copies to the Admission Officer for citing and copying.

Applications may be submitted to

In order for an enrolment to be confirmed the following is required:

  • All overseas students or intending overseas students have completed an application form and provided the necessary supporting documentation required for the chosen qualification/s
  • Have satisfied any course prerequisites where applicable
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Demonstrate an adequate level of English proficiency, as indicated in the course entry requirements
  • A letter of offer has been issued to the student
  • A certified copy of Passport or the original for copy
  • Photographic evidence of proof of age (18 years of age or older)
  • A certified copy of their visa or a copy (SCM may extract evidence from VEVO)

A signed and submitted acceptance and agreement has been returned to SCM by the student with appropriate payment confirming acceptance to the offer and terms and conditions of enrolment at SCM. This payment may be made concurrently with the submission of the agreement or prior to the issuance of the confirmation of enrolment (CoE)

Evidence of English proficiency -

  • (Minimum English level of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent)
  • Australian English Language course at a minimum of pre intermediate level.
  • Completed (within the past 2 years) in Australia: Substantial component of AQF level 4 or higher on a student visa.
  • Australian Qualification Cert IV or above), or and or an Australian English Language course at a minimum of pre intermediate level.
  • Applicants from Assessment Level 1 and 2 Countries will not be required to produce evidence for English Proficiency, ( however will be required to undertake SCM's internal LLN assessment.
  • If an applicant cannot produce a satisfactory IELTS or equivalent score, the applicant will be advised to enrol in an English (EAL or ELICOS) course, for an appropriate duration until the student achieves the course entry level. The cost of the English program will be at the student own additional expense

In circumstances where the above cannot be evidenced, SCM will use options available as prescribed by Department of Education Skills and Employment via PRISMS

  • Copy of certificate showing successful completion of Year 11 or the equivalent level of study for Certificate III, IV and Diploma Courses. Successful completion of Year 12 or the equivalent level of study for Advanced Diploma Courses
  • Completed (within the past 2 years) in Australia in English: Requirements for senior secondary certificate of education

Continuity of Enrolment

A student is deemed to be currently enrolled from the date on which the student has undertaken the enrolment unless:

  • the student has an approved cancellation or suspension.
  • SCM cancels or suspends the student's enrolment in accordance with the Deferment, suspension and cancellation policy.
  • the student has successfully completed all requirements of a course within the course duration and awaiting testamur.

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